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Theatre Productions Image Additions
April 3, 2021    0

I added to the gallery more images from various theatre stages Claire Foy acted into. Take a look and enjoy! Theatre Stages > Ding Dong The Wicked > Production Stills Theatre Stages > Macbeth > Production Stills Theatre Stages > Lungs > Rehearsal Theatre Stages > Lungs > Production Stills

‘I’ve threatened to break the rules and kiss her’: Claire Foy and Matt Smith on acting in lockdown
June 30, 2020    0

They’re separated by a two-metre stick but their chemistry is as strong as ever. The Crown stars on their socially-distanced take on Lungs; lockdown diets and naked drawings. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are describing the odd experience of rehearsing a play while a stage manager holds a two-metre stick between them. The pair are […]

(Photos) LUNGS Rehearsal Pics
June 26, 2020    0

The Old Vic Theatre published a few beautiful Rehearsal pics of Lungs with Claire Foy and Matt Smith. There might still be a few tickets available so don’t miss your chance to experience this new – hopefully temporary – way to make theatre and enjoy the show. Theatre Stages > Lungs > Rehearsal (2020)

Meet the Macbeths (James McAvoy & Claire Foy)
March 29, 2013    0

from ATG’s Magazine / by Imogen Sarre & Jasper Rees Roughly how old are the Macbeths? We know they have had at least one child, presumed dead, but beyond that Shakespeare offers no further clue. Such is the trajectory of their moral degradation that audiences, and indeed casting directors, tend not to think of the […]

New ‘Macbeth’ Promotion Shot
February 26, 2013    0

Theatre Stages > Macbeth > Promotional PhotosPromotional Photos

“Macbeth” Update: Scans, Rehearsals and Promotion Photos
February 11, 2013    0

Magazines & Scans > 2013 > Sunday Times Culture (UK) – February 10Sunday Times Culture (UK) – February 10 Theatre Stages > Macbeth > Promotional PhotosPromotional Photos Theatre Stages > Macbeth > Rehearsal PhotosRehearsal Photos

“Love, Love, Love” Play Press Night After Party & Production Shots
May 3, 2012    0

Theatre Stages > Love, Love, Love > Production Stills Public Appearances > 2012 > May 03 | “Love, Love, Love” Play Press Night – After Party

October 28, 2009    0

Claire Foy as Jan in her professional stage debut. Theatre Stages > DNA > Production Stills