Claire FOY

Upstairs Downstairs (Season Two)

2.01 – A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing
aired on February 19, 2012
Directed by: Marc Jobst | Written by: Heidi Thomas

September 1938. Hallam’s concerns over Germany lead to an unexpected encounter. Following Maud’s death and the birth of her second child, Agnes is glad for the support from Maud’s younger sister, Professor Blanche Mottershead. However, not everyone is as pleased with her continued presence in Eaton Place. Downstairs, new servant Beryl Ballard arrives and catches Harry’s eye, and a secret about Mr Pritchard is revealed.

2.02 – The Love That Pays the Price
aired on February 26, 2012
Directed by: Marc Jobst | Written by: Heidi Thomas

November 1938. Agnes is told she can have no more children, and distracts herself by throwing a dinner party where she and Hallam meet American millionaire Caspar Landry. Also attending the dinner is the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Joseph P. Kennedy, his wife, Rose, and their son, John F. Kennedy, who makes a brief appearance downstairs. Blanche and Mr Amanjit work to rescue Jewish children from Germany, and after receiving a phonecall from Lady Persie, Agnes convinces her husband to help her sister as well. Meanwhile, with Rose still absent Mr Pritchard and Mrs Thackeray’s clashes over the running of the household lead to the latter’s resignation.

2.03 – A Perfect Specimen of Womanhood
aired on March 4, 2012
Directed by: Anthony Byrne | Written by: Heidi Thomas

January 1939. The house is rocked by controversy when the publication of a scandalous novel exposes Blanche’s unconventional lifestyle, bringing her face to face with the author of the book—her former lover, Lady Portia Alresford. But when the passion between the pair reignites, Blanche becomes conflicted. Meanwhile, Persie reveals a shocking secret to Hallam, and Beryl’s workload prompts her to take a stand. Lady Agnes is distraught, until a familiar old face offers a few wise words.

2.04 – All the Things You Are
aired on March 11, 2012
Directed by: Brendan Maher | Written by: Steve Thompson

March 1939. Harry signs up for a boxing tournament to impress Beryl, only to be told he is too old for the ring, so he recruits Johnny as his protégé. However, he ends up teaching his young friend fighting skills of a different kind when Johnny receives his call-up papers. Upstairs, the Hollands drift further apart, with Lady Agnes drawn to Caspar Landry, who shows her an exciting world away from Eaton Place, while Sir Hallam becomes distracted by his desire for another woman—and makes a dangerous decision that will change his life forever.

2.05 – The Last Waltz
aired on March 18, 2012
Directed by: Brendan Maher | Written by: Debbie O’Malley

July & August 1939. Matters of the heart concern the masters and staff of Eaton Place, as Mr Pritchard finds romance at the annual servants’ ball, prompting him to wonder if there is more to life than service. Hallam and Persie continue their dangerous affair—only for the diplomat to discover just how destructive his actions have been. Harry responds to the advent of war by making a proposal to Beryl, but a shocking revelation may put paid to his plans.

2.06 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
aired on March 25, 2012
Directed by: Anthony Byrne | Written by: Heidi Thomas

August & September 1939. Lady Agnes returns home, desperate to heal the rift in her marriage, and Sir Hallam is more than willing to make amends for his part in their troubles. But a dark discovery leaves them reeling and looks set to change the landscape of Eaton Place permanently. On the eve of war, Beryl and Harry race against time to get married, while a shame-faced Mr Pritchard packs his bags after his behaviour, leaving the running of the house in chaos—until an old familiar face, Rose Buck, lends a hand.