Claire FOY

Upstairs Downstairs (Season One)

1.01 – The Fledgling
aired on December 26, 2010
Directed by: Euros Lyn | Written by: Heidi Thomas

January & February 1936. Sir Hallam Holland and his wife, Lady Agnes, inherit 165 Eaton Place, and set about restoring the house. Former housemaid Rose Buck finds herself back in the house where she was happiest, and the arrival of an unwelcome guest — namely Sir Hallam’s mother, the widowed Lady Maud Holland — puts a strain on relations, both upstairs and down.

1.02 – The Ladybird
aired on December 27, 2010
Directed by: Euros Lyn | Written by: Heidi Thomas

June – October 1936. Sir Hallam finds his diplomatic skills put to the test at home as well as at work. The servants are intrigued by a mysterious new addition to the household, while a restless Lady Persie embarks on a dangerous flirtation, and is drawn to the thrill of fascist politics.

1.03 – The Cuckoo
aired on December 28, 2010
Directed by: Saul Metzstein | Written by: Heidi Thomas

November & December 1936. Sir Hallam finds himself at the centre of a national crisis when his friend, the Duke of Kent, asks for help. Meanwhile, storm clouds are gathering within 165 Eaton Place, with Lady Agnes’s growing fear over the imminent arrival of her baby, and the servants’ concern for Lotte, who refuses to speak. But, as King Edward finally abdicates, Hallam makes a discovery that will change his life forever.