Claire FOY


Character: Hannah Carter

Created by: Paul Cornell, Tom MacRae, Ben Teasdale

Written by: Paul Cornell, Ben Teasdale

Produced by: Helen Gregory

Cast Members: Emily Beecham, Stephen Campbell Moore, Arsher Ali, Alan Williams

Released date: June 3, 2010

Genre: Horror

A year earlier medical student Hannah Carter freaked out in the operating theatre when her doctor mother, a cancer patient,died. Now she is back to resume her studies amongst whispers of her instability. Why does the stomach of Charlie Maddox,a man who has had five operations for abdominal cancer,undulate when she feels it? How come the cut on the hand of surgeon Nick Gates,Hannah's ex-boyfriend, never heals and why is Nick secretly injecting Charlie but not recording it on his notes? Hannah decides to investigate,uncovering a secret involving a new wonder drug with potentially lethal results.

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