Claire FOY


Character: Kate Loy

Directed by: Guy Jenkin

Written by: Guy Jenkin

Produced by: Jimmy Mulville

Cast Members: Michael Kitchen, Phil Davis, Alexander Armstrong, Kayvan Novak

Released date: January 1, 2012

Genre: Comedy

Once the tea girl Kate Loy is now the ruthless editor of scurrilous red top the Sunday Comet,owned by greedy Australian media magnate Stanhope Feast. The paper will stop at nothing for its grubby scoops including hacking into newsworthy people's phones though Kate gets off the hook following an early accusation by helping the police wire-tap criminals. Feast and his wife and son Connor arrive in England to offer the prime minister media support in exchange for an exclusive television deal but by now the claims of hacking will not go away and Kate and the Feasts are summoned to a commons commission. This leads to Connor selling out his father,Kate resigning and the paper closing though Kate and old time reporter Ray have one last edition to print as an act of revenge. An end title explains the fates of the protagonists,many of whom ended up in prison.

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