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DVD Featurettes Pt. II>“Wolf Hall” > DVD Featurettes Pt. II
March 25, 2016    0

Television Series > Wolf Hall (Mini-Series) > DVD Extras > Featurette – The People, The Politics

DVD Featurettes Pt. I>“Wolf Hall” > DVD Featurettes Pt. I
March 23, 2016    0

Television Series > Wolf Hall (Mini-Series) > DVD Extras > Featurette – Deleted Scene Television Series > Wolf Hall (Mini-Series) > DVD Extras > Featurette – Bringing It To The Screen

Claire Foy: an actor bringing a subtle talent to majestic roles
August 21, 2015    0

Her steely, understated approach won praise when playing Anne Boleyn in Wolf Hall and now Foy is taking on the role of Queen Elizabeth II in a new drama Emine Saner Some castings seem so obvious in retrospect. Pictures released this week show Claire Foy playing Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day in 1947, […]

Claire Foy on fate of outspoken Anne Boleyn in ‘Wolf Hall’ [Exclusive Video]
June 12, 2015    0

By Chris Beachum “Even in the end when she is waiting to be executed, she’s very true to herself. She doesn’t pander to anyone or anything like that. I think she’s already a solid, strong person from beginning to end,” reveals actress Claire Foy about her real-life role as Queen Anne Boleyn in the limited […]

‘Madam, nothing here is personal’ – Wolf Hall: Episode 6 Preview – BBC Two
February 19, 2015    0

‘She was once given the title of Queen. Mistakenly’ – Wolf Hall: Episode 5 Preview – BBC Two
February 18, 2015    0

After Katherine’s death, Henry’s coldness towards the former Queen is apparent. Meanwhile Cromwell notices Henry’s growing interest in Jane Seymour. And he’s not the only one.

‘He can put another Queen in my place?’ – Wolf Hall: Episode 4 Preview – BBC Two
February 7, 2015    0

Wolf Hall – A look ahead…
January 29, 2015    0

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