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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.06 Screencaptures
April 11, 2012    0

A couple of weeks ago the second series of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ came to a dramatic end as all the different storylines came together. The whole cast gave their best, but in my opinion, it was especially Claire Foy as Lady Persie who had some really strong moments and proved what a great actress she is. […]

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.05 Screencaptures
March 24, 2012    0

Earlier this week I added screencaptures of last Sunday’s episode of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘. I have to say, at this point I can’t take anything Sir Hallam says seriously anymore. If he really believes what he’s saying he’s deceiving himself. And kudos to the twist in Lady Persie’s storyline – definitely keeps things interesting though it […]

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.04 Screencaptures
March 17, 2012    0

In last Sunday’s episode of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ I was ready to throw things at Sir Hallam and Lady Persie. In my opinion, he was behaving like a spoilt teenager and she was playing games and testing her attraction out of jealousy and general low self-esteem. GALLERY LINKS: – Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2: Episode 04: All […]

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.03 Screencaptures
March 4, 2012    0

In tonight’s episode of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ Claire Foy’s Lady Persie is back at 165 Eton Place but her time in Germany still affects her. She has a secret which she won’t tell Lady Agnes after their sisterly bonding. Sir Hallam however wins another prize as most helpful boy as he helps his sister-in-law after she’d […]

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.02 Screencaptures
February 26, 2012    0

There was definitely more Lady Persie in the latest ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ episode. Not enjoying Germany as much as before she spends most of her scenes on the phone before she returns to England. I added screencaptures of the episode as well as of the preview for next week. GALLERY LINKS: – Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2: […]

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2.01 Screencaptures
February 20, 2012    0

What did you think of last night’s premiere of the second series of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘? Claire Foy’s Lady Persie only made a quick but impressive appearance in the last few minutes of the episode. GALLERY LINKS: – Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2: Episode 01: A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing

New ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Stills & Promotional Photos
April 23, 2011    1

I’ve also been adding lots of foreign posters for Season of the Witch and high quality photos of our most recent events. Take a look at our last uploads. 😉 Television Series > Upstairs Downstairs > Season 1 > Promotional Photos Television Series > Upstairs Downstairs > Season 1 > Episodic Stills

‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 3 Screencaptures
December 30, 2010    0

Sorry for the delay but screencaptures of Claire Foy as Lady Persephone Towyn are up in the gallery now! I was quite surprised to see Lady Persie follow through in earnest on her beliefs in this final part (it seems). While I was disappointed in this it was a pleasure to see Claire Foy act […]