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Happy 11th Anniversary CFS & New Layouts
June 23, 2020    0

To celebrate this incredible milestone of, 11 years online, I have decided to give the site a new fresh look, using a set of shoots that are a few years older but very effective. As we all know, I haven’t been the one to create this fansite, and these 11 years don’t belong to […]

New Owner, changes around
April 4, 2020    0

Hello there. So as a few of you know already my name is Claudia, I had recently opened a Claire Foy fansite – like a couple months ago – and I am now sort of taking over/merging the two fansites together. I am deeply thankful to my friend Stef for allowing me to do this, […]

Site Opening
June 23, 2009    8

Welcome to Claire Foy Source aka, your newest and first source for Claire Foy! After a few weeks of having up only a temporary site and gallery, we have opened the full version of the site. Claire Foy Source is owned and operated by Anna and Mia. We’ve recently discovered Miss Foy in Little […]