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‘White Heat’ Episode 1.05 & 1.06 Screencaptures
April 23, 2012    0

Television Series > White Heat > Screencaptures > Episode #5 Television Series > White Heat > Screencaptures > Episode #6

‘White Heat’ Episode 1.03 & 1.04 Screencaptures
April 13, 2012    0

Added high quality screencaptures from episodes 3 & 4 of ‘White Heat‘ which saw Claire Foy’s Charlotte (Charlie) with 70ies-style long hair giving lectures at the university, moving out of the flat and starting to work for BBC World Service while falling out with Jack. Stay tuned for screencaptures of the last 2 episodes. Television […]

‘White Heat’ Episode 1.02 Screencaptures
March 17, 2012    0

I added screencaptures from the second ‘White Heat‘ episode. Charlotte was doing quite a lot of observing apart from putting stickers on ads that said ‘This ad degrades women’ or ‘This man degrades women’. I think the episode showed quite well at what personal cost modern ideas come or how political views don’t transcend into […]

‘White Heat’ Episode 1.01 Screencaptures
March 12, 2012    0

I added HQ screencaptures of Claire Foy as Charlotte Pugh in the first episode of ‘White Heat‘ which aired last Thursday & took place in 1965. Television Series > White Heat > Screencaptures > Episode #1

‘White Heat’ Claire Foy, Sam Claflin Q&A: ‘It’s an emotional journey’
March 3, 2012    0

from Digital Spy / by Catriona Wightman Here at Digital Spy, we’re a little bit excited about BBC Two’s brand new drama White Heat! The show focuses on seven students living in a house together in the 1960s… then follows them as they grow up! We’ll be bringing you chats with the cast every day […]