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Hello there.
So as a few of you know already my name is Claudia, I had recently opened a Claire Foy fansite – like a couple months ago – and I am now sort of taking over/merging the two fansites together.
I am deeply thankful to my friend Stef for allowing me to do this, but I know it has not been easy due to the circumstances.
Before to go deep into the reasons that brought to this I wanted to let you know that our main domain is now and our twitter is @ClaireFoySource.
You see the person who ran this fansite before, Stef’s dear friend Mariana, passed away a few days ago after an excruciating battle with cancer. I did not know Mariana too well, but the few I did, I understood the wonderful person she was, so I could understand how difficult it might have been for my friend to take the decision. But ultimately she felt that she couldn’t bring the site on nor she wanted to delete the years of work, and trusted me to keep going with it. It’s an honor that I haven’t taken lightly, believe me. I am trying to keep the site the most faithful possible to what it has been, for Claire, the followers and especially for Mariana. And is in this spirit that I am now working on merging the two sites together, combining our sections, it will take me a little bit but I will be able to make it, and hopefully Mariana will be proud of it. For me, she will always be part of Claire Foy Source, by my side. I will leave you now with the beautiful words of actress Eva Green, for whom Mariana ran a fansite, and who was her friend, they are very beautiful and I thought everyone deserved to read them.

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My dearest Mariana, I write the letter I have been writing in my head, for weeks now, alas too late… And yet, I hope, I pray, that you will hear me still… For I know that you are near, even now, and will always be… Your kindness and generosity have been like an angel’s wings these past sixteen years, beating back the harshness of a business that is often cruel and judgemental. I have often felt that you, Mariana, were my guardian angel. Perhaps you are. Your gentleness and loyalty have been unwavering. In times when I doubted, when all confidence had been lost, you believed in me. I owe you so much. You have inspired me during your long and courageous battle with cancer, that has taken you from us, always remaining positive, never giving up. I wish I could be so brave. I wish I had been able to come to Rio de Janeiro to see you, but this horrible pandemic made any visit impossible, and will unfortunately bar me from attending your funeral. And so, I will honour you in France, as I will ask all of the followers of the website that you created, to honour you in their own homes, with a candle and a prayer. I will ask everyone to shower you with love, dear, dear Mariana, and peace and so much light that your spirit will be lifted to a place where we will always feel your abundant radiance, shining down upon us. God Bless you, my dear friend. I love you❤️ Eva

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